Protecting Yourself

At Equitable1, we take security seriously. Our team of experts work around the clock to keep your money and personal information safe by consistently optimizing our security efforts—all with state-of-the-art technology. While your accounts come with advanced security features, it’s important to remain vigilant and take further measures to protect yourself, particularly in the digital space. 

For Equitable Bank and myEquitable online banking 

Ensure that we have your most up-to-date address or contact information as it helps keep your personal information from being misdirected. You may also update or check your personal information by contacting our team.

Keep your Electronic Identification (email address and password used to login to our Services) absolutely confidential, and for your use alone.

You are responsible for the safekeeping of your Electronic Identification and all components thereof to prevent unauthorized use. This includes:

  • Memorizing your password;
  • If you have written down your password, ensure it is kept offline, in a secret, secure and locked place;
  • Avoid using a password or code which may be easy for someone to guess or which are directly associated with you;
  • Avoid repeating passwords or codes;
  • Take the steps required to safeguard your Electronic Identification. Ensure that all components of your Login ID remains confidential to you, including exercising caution when keying in or speaking using an Electronic Device;  
  • Avoid sharing passwords included in your Electronic Identification with others; and
  • Password protect your Electronic Device.

You must notify us by telephone immediately on learning of any of the following:

  • your Electronic Identification was disclosed to, or obtained by, anyone else or may be known by anyone else;
  • that Unauthorized Activity may be occurring or has occurred; or 
  • the loss, theft, or misuse of an Electronic Device that you registered with us for the Services.

Reduce your risk of identity theft by shredding documents that contain personal or financial information before you throw them out.

You should also collect your mail daily and be sure to set up mail forwarding if you move or go on vacation.

If you receive a suspicious phone call, email, or letter claiming to be from Equitable Bank, please contact us immediately.

For EQ Bank

Update your contact details. For EQ Bank account sign-in, we’re phasing out security questions, and two-factor authentication will soon be mandatory. Ensure your mobile number and email address are up to date for SMS or email verification (note: SMS is your most secure option).

Download the EQ Bank mobile app. Download our official mobile app from Apple Store or Google Play only and keep it updated for the latest bug fixes and security features.  

Bookmark us. Typing ‘EQ Bank’ into the search bar could open yourself up to scam ads and phony sites. Always type ‘’ into the address bar to sign into online banking, and bookmark it for easy access.

Bolster your password. Create a strong and unique password with letters, numbers, and symbols—and never share it with others.

Log in regularly. Check your transaction history for any errors or unauthorized use. If you suspect your account’s been compromised, reach out to us immediately.

Turn on alerts. Monitor your account transactions by enabling SMS or email alerts to get notified of deposits, transfers, and bill payments in real time.

To learn more about security at EQ Bank, click here.

Contact the authorities

If you suspect you are a victim of fraud or theft, contact the authorities immediately.