Looking for a mortgage that fits your lifestyle?

If you're looking for a mortgage, Equitable Bank has a great line of products that can be customized to fit your circumstances - whether you're self-employed, a new immigrant to Canada with no or limited credit history, a credit-challenged individual, or an investor.

For home purchases, renewals, and refinancing, we offer a variety of alternative residential mortgage products including:

Equitable Bank also offers prime mortgage solutions under the EQB Evolution SuiteTM, designed to provide financial solutions that will appeal to a wide range of borrowers who may be salaried, salaried with commission as well as self-employed individuals looking to purchase a residential property. The EQB Evolution Suite also includes mortgage solutions for:

  • investors acquiring rental properties
  • newcomers to Canada who are buying a home
  • those purchasing vacation or second properties

Choosing a mortgage that's right for you can be like navigating a maze. Qualified mortgage brokers and agents are there to make it easier for you. With their training and deep knowledge of the market, they'll work hard to match your financial needs and aspirations to the best possible mortgage solution.