Term Deposits and Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs)

To help you build a more resilient portfolio, we offer a full suite of GIC terms in both Canadian and U.S. dollars*. With flexible currency options and guaranteed interest rates, you can navigate market volatility while also diversifying your investment holdings.

All of our GICs are available through Equitable Bank, and its wholly owned subsidiary, Equitable Trust. Both issuers are members of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC), so eligible deposits held in each entity are protected separately up to applicable CDIC limits and policies1.

Equitable Bank Deposits Products
Product1 Term Issuers Minimum Investment2 Currencies
Cashable GIC3 1 year (redeemable) after 30 days
  • Equitable Bank
  • Equitable Trust
  • Canadian dollar
  • U.S. dollar
Short-term GIC 30-364 days (non-redeemable) $1,000
Long-term GIC 1-10 years (non-redeemable) $1,000

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Equitable Bank and Equitable Trust each guarantee payment of the principal amount plus interest to the GIC holder according to the terms of the GIC.

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Equitable Bank and Equitable Trust are each members of the CDIC.