Commercial Equity Line of Credit

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An Equitable Bank Commercial Equity Line of Credit (CELOC) supports your business goals by providing flexible access to capital whenever you need it. Whether you’re a small-business owner looking to expand, or an entrepreneur with a growing real estate portfolio, a CELOC could be the perfect complement to your Equitable Bank commercial mortgage.

Picture yourself with a CELOC

Small Business-01

The small business owner looking to: Expand and finance operations

The small business owner operates a restaurant on the ground floor of her mixed use property, while renting out the residential units above.

She has owned the property for a number of years and built up a significant amount of equity.

The CELOC opportunity

  • The small business owner is looking to open a second restaurant on the other side of Toronto.
  • A Commercial Equity Line of Credit enables the borrower to access the equity in her property for working capital to support her growth strategy.
  • As profits are generated from increased sales from the second location, the owner can pay down the CELOC and reduce interest expense, while having funds available whenever she needs them.
Real Estate-01

Real estate investors looking to: Reinvest in their property to increase its value

Two business partners are acquiring a 12-unit multi-residential property in Toronto for real estate investment purposes.

The partners believe that there is an opportunity to increase rents, which are currently below market. An Equitable Bank commercial mortgage helps finance the acquisition of the property.

The CELOC opportunity

  • The investors would like to renovate the units, and eventually upgrade the roofing and balconies.
  • As their capital has gone into the acquisition of the property, a Commercial Equity Line of Credit can help finance their renovation plans.
  • Tenant turnover will provide the opportunity to renovate the units, and as the rents from new tenants increase, so will the cash flow generated from the property.
  • This surplus cash flow can be used to pay down the CELOC and reduce interest expense, as well as finance ongoing repairs and maintenance on the property.

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