Equitable Bank CSV Line of Credit

Maximize your participating whole life insurance policy with an Equitable Bank Cash Surrender Value (CSV) Line of Credit. Borrow up to 90% of the cash surrender value of your policy, tax-free.1 You’ll get quick access to cash and no ongoing payments are typically required while your policy continues to grow.2

Contact your financial advisor to see how you can do more with what you’ve built today.

Advance Your Next Financial Move

Tax-Free Funds1

Take your wealth management plans to a new level by getting access to cash that’s tax-free. Making the most of your participating whole life insurance policy gives you the convenience of a no-tax option to push your finances forward.

Flexible Options

With multiple advance options to obtain funds, you get what you want when you need it. Scheduled, ad-hoc or all at once – you decide what works best for you.

Continued Growth

Borrowing from your policy’s available CSV allows you to keep your investment intact. You get access to cash without interrupting the growth of your investment.

Trusted Partner

We understand the value of expertise. That’s why we’ve partnered with Great-West Life, Canada Life, and London Life. For over 125 years, they’ve been helping Canadians meet their financial security needs.

Pursue More of Life’s Opportunities

Dream Bigger

From dream homes to dream vacations, enjoy the lifestyle you want with greater financial flexibility. Having faster access to extra cash means you can enjoy more of what life has to offer.

Supporting Your Family

Give more to those you love. Fund your children’s tuition costs, contribute to their wedding day or help them move into their first home with money that’s tax free.1

Expand Your Portfolio

Add to your investments by securing credit to fund a real estate opportunity, business venture or to diversify your market holdings with financing when you need it.

Plan for Retirement

Further develop your retirement strategy by supplementing your income. Leveraging your policy as a flexible financial planning tool can help you achieve your goals more easily.

Grow Your Business

Have a corporation or small business? Obtain capital to increase opportunity for growth without the worry of ongoing payments. Take your operations to new heights to fund business continuation with a smarter financing option.

Rainy Day Fund

Secure more sunny days during your retirement. By leveraging credit that’s readily available, you can handle unanticipated expenses to make room for more rest and relaxation.

You may be eligible for an Equitable Bank CSV Line of Credit if you:

  • Are 50 years of age or over and a resident of Canada (for personal applications)
  • Have a whole life insurance policy with Great-West Life, Canada Life or London Life
  • Have adequate cash surrender value available in your policy

Equitable Bank CSV Line of Credit Rate


The CSV Prime Rate is the annual rate of interest established from time to time by Equitable Bank as the reference rate for determining interest rates on Equitable Bank CSV Lines of Credit. The CSV Prime Rate is posted on Equitable Bank’s website. Rates are subject to change at any time without notice. Interest is calculated daily and charged monthly.

Four Easy Ways to Access Cash

1. Up-Front

If you need your funds right away, you got it. Partial or all at once, you can request a one-time amount.

2. Ad-Hoc

When an opportunity comes up, be ready with the financing you need.

3. Scheduled

Prefer to have your cash as a set amount on a regular basis? You can opt to receive amounts on a monthly frequency.

4. Combination

To help provide you with more flexibility, you can choose a combination of up-front, ad-hoc and scheduled advance options.

Repayment & Interest

Payments can be flexible and are not typically required until the outstanding balance equals 95% of your policy’s net cash surrender value.2 Interest is capitalized meaning it’s added to your outstanding balance and accrues until funds are repaid. Generally, when your death benefit is paid, your beneficiary will receive the amount minus your outstanding balance.


Application Process

  1. 1

    Meet with your financial advisor or an accredited insurance broker

  2. 2

    We’ll review your eligibility to determine if you qualify

    By working with your financial advisor or insurance broker, we’ll determine how much you can qualify for.
  3. 3

    Getting your Equitable Bank CSV Line of Credit approved

    If conditionally approved, we’ll notify you of any additional requirements and confirm your credit limit so you can access your funds.

We are here to help.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a specific case, please contact Danny Krikler – Manager, CSV Line of Credit via email at dkrikler@eqbank.ca and or by phone at 647-600-2128.

  1. Consult your financial advisor to discuss your unique tax situation and the tax-free benefits of an Equitable Bank CSV Line of Credit.
  2. The Equitable Bank CSV Line of Credit is a demand credit facility, meaning Equitable Bank can demand payment of all or part of the outstanding balance at any time.