At Equitable Bank, you will be encouraged to reach new heights. And each step forward is an opportunity to learn new things. We’re dedicated to helping our people explore, build new capabilities, and expand their knowledge. We offer a wide range of workshops, courses and programs to help you discover your passions and grow your career.

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Leadership Development Program

We invest in our future leaders and prepare them with the tools and capabilities they need to excel in their career growth and to lead effectively.

High-Potential Program

Succession planning is another opportunity in career growth, so we cultivate promising leaders and provide an amplified training experience to rising-star employees.

Mentorship Program

Provides learning, feedback and empowerment opportunities from people who want you to grow.

Aspiring Leader Program

Is management the next step in your career? We train our future leaders to build the competencies needed to succeed.

Job Rotation

Four-month job rotation to gain exposure to various parts of the Bank while widening knowledge, expanding skillsets, gaining valuable experience, and identifying passions.

Self-Paced Learning Opportunities

Free tutorials that allow you to learn anywhere, anytime, at a pace that is suitable to you.

Workshops and Courses

Scheduled learning initiatives to improve skills, gain knowledge and build confidence in daily performance.

EQB has always ensured to make opportunities available and has consistently provided the tools and means to improved leadership skills and aid for professional development, such as offering courses.
Mary Taj,
Sr. Manager Mortgage Services
Mary Taj


To build on our culture of learning, our mentorship program is a chance to develop your personal and professional growth by having a mentor share their knowledge and experiences. They’re dedicated to helping you reach your career goals, whether short-term, mid-career, or long-term.

Personalized, ongoing support means providing an opportunity to develop new skills and expertise, helping to set specific and achievable goals, enhancing networking opportunities, and increasing visibility at the Bank.

Jasmine Kong
I was lucky enough to be paired up with a mentor at EQB and she has been instrumental in guiding me and helping me navigate my professional development. Not only has she shared professional development advice, but we have talked about things beyond a typical mentor/mentee relationship that were encouraged through the JEDI program - experiences as a woman in the workplace, microaggressions, traumas, racism, etc.
Jasmine Kong,
HR Generalist


New to the industry and want to start your career?

Jump-start your career in financial services with our Leadership Development Program (LDP). As a new grad, you’ll gain experience in six different areas of the banking world with our two-year training program tailored to suit your professional interests.

You'll take part in three mandatory rotations at our Toronto head office within our Personal Banking Strategy, Commercial Underwriting, and Digital Banking departments. You'll also have the opportunity to select three additional departments and develop skills from either our Treasury & Capital Markets, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Corporate Finance Strategy & Analytics, Internal Audit, Corporate Development & Investor Relations (IR), or Reverse Mortgages (REM). By exploring multiple functions across Equitable Bank, you'll develop a wide range of skillsets by being a part of key operational, tactical and strategic projects.

The LDP is designed for you to develop the necessary skills and gain the valuable experience you need to successfully launch your career.


  • Undergraduate degree in business or related field
  • High academic performance
  • Excellent analytics, problem-solving and communications skills
  • Exceptional interpersonal and relationship management skills
  • Strong involvement in extracurricular activities
Being part of this program gave me a well-rounded understanding of how a bank actually works. From day one, I knew I was valued by upper management as I was constantly involved in meaningful work. You’ll definitely find career growth here with the constant motivation to learn and excel.
Sarah Farano
Sarah Farano


Ever wonder what it would be like to work in another department? Are you thinking about a different career path but not sure how to get there?

Our Job Rotation program provides employees with opportunities to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the business. This unique program offers a four-month job rotation in up to four departments with customized development plans tailored to match your interests. Job Rotation does not only benefit employees, but various departments/business units as well by sharing their processes and approaches.

Rotations also improve relationships across the organization, leading to more efficient and effective exchange of information and expertise.


  • Completed two years of service at the bank
  • Received a performance rating score of 3.5+ in the most recent year
  • Have a current Development Plan that you have discussed with your manager
Having the unique opportunity to get to know Equitable Bank employees and what really motivates them inspires me every day. Knowing that I can create a plan to help grow their high potential and lead them towards a successful career path is why I love doing what I do.
Lolo Lam,
Senior Manager, HR
Lolo Lam



Because we’re not your typical bank, our summer internship and co-op programs let you be part of something different. Gaining hands-on work experience is just the start.

Not only will you deepen your knowledge about the Canadian financial industry, you’ll also receive practical training, interact directly with industry experts and develop transferable skills to set yourself apart.

Available in our Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal offices, our programs are offered across several departments including Commercial Credit*, Compliance, Customer Care, Design Research, Treasury, Corporate Development, Digital Banking, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, Marketing, Mortgage Services, Project Management, Residential Credit* and Risk.

*Available in our Vancouver and Calgary offices only.


  • Enrolled in an undergraduate program
  • High academic performance
  • Excellent problem solving and communication skills
  • Involved in extracurricular activities
My summer internship was a great foray into the banking world. I was able to delve into commercial lending and truly feel like a contributing member of the underwriting team. I was continuously supported by my manager and fellow co-workers which helped to create a comprehensive learning experience. This ultimately allowed me to further pursue a career at Equitable Bank as an associate in the Leadership Development Program.
Elise Cassar,
Analyst, Personal Banking Strategy
Elise Cassar
An internship at Equitable Bank is the ultimate learning experience. Not only did I learn about the banking industry, I was also encouraged to explore what interested me the most in order to build on related skills. From servicing to operations, I gained in-depth knowledge I don’t think I would have found at any other bank.
Julia Niro,
Personal Banking Strategy
Julia Niro


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