Every great company is led by strong values – and we’ve got 5 of them. They define who we are and what we stand for.


We embrace change to reach our goals.

There have been times when vulnerabilities in process or system were identified and I made a recommendation, it was taken and implemented. You get the sense of being heard and valued- your contributions matter.
Davina Gordon,
Associate Manager, Fraud
Davina Gordon


We cherish our differences, respect each other and unite as a team.

In my opinion the culture at EQB is quite different as we are a smaller bank where there is a "family" feeling. It is not just about being an employee who produces corporate earnings, we each have our own identity and are respected for it. Diversity and equality plays a very important part in this equation.
Altaf Noorali,
Manager, Residential Mortgage Underwriting
Altaf Noorali


We deliver outstanding service in everything we do.

As part of the technology team, it makes me proud to see our team build new products and features on the digital banking platform that are simple, seamless, and easy to use, creating a better customer experience for our customers. The challenger mindset of the bank empowers me and my team to be innovative in our day-to-day work and leapfrog in implementing more modern, simple and strategic technology solutions for the bank.
Thanuja Karunamoorthy,
VP Digital Banking, Technology
Thanuja Karunamoorthy


We support our people to make great decisions to achieve our service mission

On more than one occasion, when I bring new ideas to senior leadership I have been met with the words "I trust you, let's try it out". It's really encouraging to know I work on a team who has my back and sees my potential.
Sarah Zandbergen,
Content Specialist
Sarah Zandbergen


We consistently produce good ethical outcomes through mindful personal behaviour

As a manager, I generally get complex items or problems that need to be resolved. So for each issue that I am able to assist in resolving, I know that there is a customer who has less stress in their banking world. I am also confident clients are left feeling that EQ Bank truly cares.
Charmaine Rhoden,
Manager, Support Operations, Digital Banking
Charmaine Rhoden
The culture is truly collaborative and open. I feel like I can be myself at work and the ability to show up authentically has allowed me to thrive.
Kerry Poorman,
Senior Manager, Special Projects
Kerry Poorman


Our differences are what makes our culture truly unique. We’re deeply committed to inclusion; we know that our organization thrives when we honour, nurture and celebrate our employees’ diverse experiences and perspectives.

Similarly, celebrating diversity is ingrained in our workplace. From our IDEA Committee (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility Committee) to our growing list of Employee Resource Groups, to our employee-led cultural celebrations and days off in commemoration such as Diwali, Pride, Black History Month, National Indigenous Peoples Day and beyond – our employees’ diverse lives and lived experiences help to create the rich fabric in our workplace culture.

Our Employee Resource Groups are committed to highlighting different identities and perspectives.

Connect with us to learn more about our Indigenous Resource Group, Black Collective Resource Group, Team Green Environmental Resource Group, LGBTQ+ Resource Group and Newcomers to Canada Resource Group, with more developing in the near future.

We believe in a hands-off approach to working where we take ownership of our own decisions and we set high expectations and hold ourselves accountable to the results.

Our employee resource groups are on FIRE with wisdom, goals and wanting to create amazing impacts. Each group contributed their own goals to our 3-year Equity, Diversity and Inclusion plans. And that is our work, moving forward as an organization. When members of underserved/marginalized communities tell you what they need, believe them! And support them in making that happen!
'Shep' DS Sheppard,
Associate Director - IDEA
'Shep' DS Sheppard



We’ve got you covered

No need to dodge your dentist or avoid those yearly physicals. Our competitive benefits plan includes health, dental, life and travel insurance coverage for you and your family.

Help that’s 24/7

We’ve partnered with Lifeworks to provide confidential immediate care services whenever you need it. Get access to counseling, consultations, and online libraries at no cost to you.

Train the Trifecta

Mind, body, and soul. The ultimate trifecta. Keep it sharp and steady with an annual wellness budget, to help you stay on track with your health goals.


Vacation & personal days

Even if you don’t like piña coladas, vacation time is always welcomed. Start with a minimum of 3 weeks and 3 personal days as time off.

Flex hours

We understand you’ve got responsibilities outside of work. To help make life a little easier, we offer flexible start and end times to your day.

Andy Kim


Long term game strong

Go long with our Group RRSP and deferred profit sharing (DPSP) plans. We’ll match your contributions up to 8% after 5 years.


We’ve even got perks with our Savings Plus Account. All employees get a preferred rate with higher interest.

Want stocks?

Become an owner with competitive share purchase options. We match contributions by 50% up to $2,500 per year.


We believe in the flexibility to choose where you work best. Some days might be in our beautiful offices, where our walls are lined with bright Canadian art and our wide windows provide incredible views of the city. Other days might be in the comfort of your home office, where we’ll help support your work-from-home setup. We’re committed to empowering our teams to work where they thrive.

I genuinely believe in our mission to bring value to the lives of Canadians because I too am a customer and it gives me great motivation to know that I am helping to deliver on that promise.
Damion Browne,
Product Marketing Manager, Customer Engagement & Marketing Operations